Air Power History

Air Power History chronicles the great campaigns, the leaders, the successes and the failures of air forces in the past. Eyewitness accounts and historical articles will capture your interest, issue after issue. Regular features will keep you up-to-date on new books, museum exhibits and meetings.

Latest Issue: SPRING 2010

Leading Air Power History’s Spring 2010 edition is historian Jeff Duford’s article “100 Missions North: History and Traditions,” which tells the story of how and why the Air Force instituted the 100 combat mission tour for aircrews during the War in Southeast Asia. Also featured is Ken Werrell’s account of the little-known period in 1934 when the Air Corps flew the air mail, and RAND Corporation analyst Benjamin Lambeth’s reflections on the Balkan Wars of the early 1990s. Finally, Air Power History Editor Jacob Neufeld enlightens readers about the Air Force History and Museums Program in “History Makes You Smart – Heritage Makes You Proud.” This issue also features a streamlined book review section and a letter from the Foundation’s President, Maj. Gen. Dale W. Meyerrose, USAF (Ret.).

Featured in this edition:

    • “100 Missions North: History and Traditions”
      Jeff Duford

    • “‘Fiasco’ Revisited: The Air Corps & the 1934 Air Mail Episode”
      Kenneth P. Werrell

    • “Reflections on the Balkan Wars”
      Benjamin S. Lambeth

    • “History Makes You Smart—Heritage Makes you Proud”
      Jacob Neufeld

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