Letter from the President

Posted: August 12, 2014

Dear Members:

As always, let me thank you for the part each of you has played in the history and legacy of air power across the decades, and for your generous contributions to the Foundation. We are particularly gratified with your response to this year’s all-digital vote for our new Board of Directors. For some this was a more difficult process than the traditional filling out of a ballot and returning it by mail, and we thank you for making this effort.

We are welcoming as new Board members four fine individuals who will, I am certain, make great contributions to the Foundation: retired Lt. Generals Christopher D. Miller and Stephen G. Wood; Mr. Daniel R. Sitterly, currently serving as the Principal Deputy Assistant, Secretary of the Air Force (Manpower and Reserve Affairs); and retired Colonel Tom Owens. I too was re-elected to the Board, and am honored to continue serving as the Foundation’s president and chairman of the board.

Our most important communication to you concerns this year’s celebration of the Foundation’s 60th Anniversary. This is a year-long celebration that started with a July 9 gala at the Army and Navy Country Club.  We were honored to have as our special guest the legendary pilot Mr. Bob Hoover. Bob regaled us with great stories of early aviation, his unique experiences in World War II and as a test pilot during the formative years of our Air Force. Guests in attendance were also treated to the initial distribution of our 60th Anniversary Commemorative edition of Air Power History, sure to be a collector’s item in the future. This commemorative edition features articles from the near and far past, as well as some notable writings from senior leaders, historians of note, and air power enthusiasts. Please contact us at the office or go to the Foundation web site to secure your own copy of this special publication.

This fall will also be an active time for us. On October 8 we will honor our 2014 award winners. We are very proud to announce that General Lloyd “Fig” Newton, USAF (Ret) has been selected for the Spaatz Award, honoring him for his lifetime contribution to the making of air power history. We will also honor with our Holley Award Colonel Walter J. Boyne, USAF (Ret) for his lifetime contribution in documenting air power and aviation history. The 19th Airlift Wing of Little Rock AFB is the winner of the Doolittle Award, presented to an existing Air Force organization that has made a significant contribution to Air Force history. The 19th earned this recognition with its superlative record starting as the 19th Bomb Group, one of the original 15 units formed by the Army Air Force prior to World War II. Please, save this date! We would be thrilled to have a strong membership representation at what promises to be a memorable event.

Undoubtedly, many of you have noticed changes to the Foundation web site.  We are looking at other improvements to possibly expand the Book Review section in Air Power History, one of our most strongly praised features. We are exploring options for leveraging this feature to highlight current and recent winners of the “Best Book Reviewed” Award, among others. We believe this exposure has the potential of growing our services to the membership – which is always our first responsibility—and strengthening the appeal of our Foundation to others interested in air power. Suggestions from our readership in this regard will be welcomed and seriously considered.

Dale W. Meyerrose, Maj Gen, USAF (Ret)

President and Chairman of the Board

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