Member Benefits

Join the foundation that connects the past and future of the

U.S. Air Force.

The Air Force Historical Foundation can help you explore the history of American aviation and air power, as well as understand how generations of officers and enlisted personnel since 1909 have made the United States Air Force the standard of excellence globally. By becoming a member, you help us foster the knowledge of aviation and air power history throughout America.

As a new member of the Foundation, you will receive:

  • Air Power History, a nationally acclaimed quarterly journal that sets the benchmark of excellence among aviation publications. This magazine is not sold over-the-counter.
  • Via Air Power History‚Äôs vibrant Book Review program, an inside look at virtually all that is being published in the world of aviation, with valued reviews by experienced scholars.
  • Access to our Members Only website pages, including an extensive archive of downloadable, previous published issues of Air Power History.
  • Free or reduced price admittance to Foundation events, including excellent symposiums on aviation and airpower topics of special interest.
  • Access to some of the finest research facilities and researchers in the U.S.

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