History Challenge

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The 1960s proved to be a dynamic period in the Air Force’s history, as well as for advancements in air and space flight.  The five questions for August focus on this decade:

  1. This USAF company grade officer became the third person in space. What is his name, and in what state is there an AFB named in his honor?
  2. This Air Force officer became the first American to step outside his spacecraft. Who was he, and what was the name of his spacecraft?
  3. President Johnson announced the existence of this super secret aircraft in 1964. What is the aircraft, and what is its official name?
  4. While this aircraft first flew in the 1950s, it entered the USAF active inventory in the early 1960s and remains stalwart in the mission of creating Air Force pilots. Name the aircraft and its official name.
  5. In 1966, this aircraft became the first jet to land on this continent.  Name the aircraft, its official name and the continent it landed on.  Bonus: name the aircraft commander.

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